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    • Carvings & Adventure Trails

      Striking and tactile wooden sculptures & adventure trails



    WildChild Designs is carving out (in every sense) a reputation for highly imaginative and beautifully crafted, bespoke sculpture work – from giant animals to intricate little tree trunk ‘doors’ that form interactive outdoor treasure hunts for inquisitive children.

    Wood carving is a creative way to transform an ordinary walk into something more intriguing. By integrating carving and sculpture into wayfinding, signage and interpretative panels, a walk becomes a trail of art and adventure. Ultimately, all our sculpture and adventure trails share a common aim – to create a unique learning environment involving exploration and discovery that children and parents can both enjoy.

    Adventure trails

    Our woodland sculpture and children’s activity trails sometimes incorporate our own woodland characters that children can find and follow: we call these Glingbobs and Tootflits, which can be found at Pressmennan Wood, Cambo Woods and Bellsquarry Wood (part of the Livingstone Sculpture Project). The Daily Telegraph named the Pressmennan Wood trail as one of Britain’s Top Ten Walks, and is frequently highlighted as a great destination for families.

    Trails and wood carving installations created by Wild Child Designs:
    Pressmennan Wood, East Lothian, Woodland Trust, Scotland
    Moncrieffe Hill, Perth, Woodland Trust, Scotland
    Little Drum Wood, Glen Finglas, Woodland Trust Scotland
    Bellsquarry Wood, Livingstone Sculpture Project
    Cambo Woods, Kingsbarns, Fife Cambo Estate

    Pressmennan Wood, The Woodland Trust



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